Monday, February 10, 2014


Often, when working with patients and families who are facing life changing illness, the question of hope comes into play. If I am honest with people about prognosis or the seriousness of an illness, will I somehow take away their hope? I have always contended, I am not that powerful.
For a long time, I have thought that by sharing the truth with those that are asking the hard questions, my response gives them the opportunity to accomplish some of the tremendously important end of life tasks they may have.
I thought that this interview, recorded at StoryCorp was a beautiful example of the human spirit, and also, what it means to reframe hope.


  1. So glad you're blogging again!

  2. Me too! On the current subject, I've found not knowing and fearing the worst is worse than knowing the worst and facing it. Of course, that doesn't work for everyone. I don't know how you cope with what you do, but you and those like you are very necessary to the rest of us. I'm looking forward to seeing your photography again.