Thursday, February 6, 2014

Well, you found me.

Weeks turned into months, months into years? Is this possible? New chapters, old friends, new friends. Old haunts, new gigs and old digs. And here we are. Right back where we started.

Wanderlust. Purely mine. Jeff came along for the ride. What a partner to have in this life. We left our established routine on the river for Alaska, in July of 2006. We intended on a two year adventure, it turned into almost 7. 
Oh Alaska. You are such a contradiction. Your beauty and ugliness, the enormity of your sky could feel so limiting! The isolation was immense, and yet the familiar faces everywhere gave you a such small town feel.
What an awesome adventure it was.
In the end, the draw of the sun was just too much. Sun. Sol. Soleil. Colorado with your bluest of blue skies. Azure, in fact. Oh how I've missed your sweet, warm, love.

So, we have settled back into a new routine that feels quite right. Like a pair of well worn gloves.

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